Fundamentals of

Oral Communication

2nd edition

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One of the most comprehensive basic communication textbooks available, with companion web resources.

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Cases on Online Discussion and Interaction: Experiences and Outcomes (2010)


Includes chapter “Collaborative Student Groups and Critical Thinking in an Online Basic Communication Course” by Roy Schwartzman & Megan Morrissey


ISI Global Publishers


Knowledge Management: Theoretical Foundations (2008)


Includes lead chapter “A Rhetorical Reconsideration of Knowledge Management: Discursive Dynamics of Nanotechnology Risks” by Roy Schwartzman & David Carlone

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Informing Science Press

Learning Objects: Theory, Praxis, Issues, and Trends (2007)


Includes lead chapter “Where Theory Meets Practice: Design and Deployment of Learning Objects” by Roy Schwartzman, Darla Runyon, & Roger von Holzen

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Informing Science Press

Authority and Transgression in Literature and Film (1996)


Includes chapter “Racial Theory and Propaganda in Triumph of the Will” by Roy Schwartzman

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University Press of Florida


The Theory and Practice of Political Communication Research (1996)


Includes chapter “Toward a Critical Hermeneutic: Methodological Quandaries in Studying Nazi Racial Doctrines” by Roy Schwartzman

SUNY Press


Student Success Guide for Public Communication (3 editions, 1994-1997; 3rd edition shown)


Only This: Poems by Roy Schwartzman


ISBN: 0-89002-358-1


War and the Media: Essays on News Reporting, Propaganda and Popular Culture (2009)


Includes chapter “Inspecting the Rhetorical Arsenal: The War Frame in Nazi Germany’s der Kampf and America’s War on Terror” by
Roy Schwartzman

McFarland & Company Publishers

Communication, Relationships and Practices in Virtual Work (2010)


Includes chapter “Online Teaching as Virtual Work in the New (Political) Economy” by Roy Schwartzman & David Carlone


ISI Global Publishers

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Disturbing the Surface (chapbook)

(1995) Purchase


“This...collection is full of great poetry with many thought-provoking lines. ...Don’t pass this one up.”
Poetic Realm


Disturbing the Surface by Roy Schwartzman is a revealing collection of a man’s reaction to the world around him. Each poem is a treasure to be cherished and savored as the poet takes mere words and transforms them into exquisite poetic expression.”
Poetic Eloquence